Changes to the NLC's temporary suspension of permits to enter Aboriginal Land

Date: Aug 19, 2021

Publication Type: Media Releases

Subject: Permits, Coronavirus

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The NLC's temporary suspension of permits to enter and remain on Aboriginal Land in the NLC area has been lifted for permit holders that are not affected by the extended Katherine lockdown.

These changes are consistent with information provided by Chief Minister Michael Gunner this morning that was based on advice from the Chief Health Officer and on the expectation that the NLC will do its best to keep communities throughout the NLC area safe and secure. 

Acting NLC CEO Joe Martin-Jard said: “Keeping remote communities and homelands in the NLC area safe is the key priority for the NLC. People are expected to make sure they are aware of and to follow the rules set by the NT government. We remind all permit holders that want to enter Aboriginal Land that in addition to following those rules they should take all necessary extra steps to keep themselves and the community safe.” 

NLC Chairman Samuel Bush-Blanasi has called for all workers that enter Aboriginal land to be vaccinated. 

“Traditional owners and community members are telling us loud and clear they don’t want unvaccinated workers travelling into their communities and homelands. We know that across the country others are showing the way in how we respond to this virus and our mob expects the NLC to do our best to keep them safe and secure. We will be reviewing our permit terms and conditions as a matter of urgency,” said Mr Bush-Blanasi. 

“We are really worried about what is happening to our countrymen and women in western New South Wales and we urge all of our mob to stay safe and get vaccinated as soon as they can. For everyone living in remote communities and homelands our message is still the same: ‘Stay Safe, Stay on Country and Look after Family’.”