‘Fantastic work books’: Junior rangers embrace new resources

Date: Dec 1, 2020

Publication Type: Blog

Subject: Caring for Country

The Caring for Country Branch has produced a range of resources aimed at budding rangers.

Caring for Country Branch’s Women and Youth Coordinator Penny Mules said the resources will make it easier for Aboriginal ranger groups to deliver Junior Ranger programs.

“Teaching upcoming generations of custodians about how they are connected to country and culture is a priority for elders and rangers,” Ms Mules said. 

The resources - consisting of a guide, work book and activity cards - were developed for Aboriginal rangers and all ranger groups are welcome to use them. They can be used and adapted at the local level without restriction.

The Mardbalk Rangers on South Goulburn Island had their first session with the Junior Rangers using their new work books in November.

“The kids loved them and they kept trying to jump ahead to look at all the upcoming activities,” said Mardbalk Ranger Coordinator Peter Philips.

“We did the mapping activity on page two and the kids had a lot of fun. They’re looking forward to next week’s activity,” he said.

Warruwi School Principal Keira Stewart thanked the NLC for sending the resources to the school.

“Mardbalk Ranger Coordinator Peter showed me the pack and work books, they are fantastic! Such a great resources for students and teachers. Thank you for putting this together,” she said.

Download the Junior Ranger resources here:

NLC Junior Ranger Workbook

NLC Junior Ranger Resource Guide

NLC Junior Ranger Activity Cards