Judbarra/Gregory National Park Joint Management Annual Camp

Date: Jul 28, 2017

Publication Type: Newsroom

Subject: Caring for Country

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Holding an annual country camp is a founding principle of the Joint Management Partners of the Judbarra/Gregory National Park.

This year’s camp was held at Paperbark Yard in the south of the park. This part of the park is within the Central Land Council region, and provides a great opportunity for Traditional Owners from both NLC and the CLC region to get together.

Camp highlights include Joint Management meetings and workshops, as well as time spent on country with family members both young and old. A tourism workshop allowed Traditional Owners to discuss ideas for tourism related enterprises. Conversations were also held regarding proposals to muster and sell feral animals from within the park, which TOs hope will generate jobs and economic opportunities. Parks & Wildlife service rangers updated the Traditional Owners on park management programs for 2017/18, and undertook a planning session to review and prioritise the implementation of the Plan of Management for the final half of its 10 year time-frame.