Meet ‘Nindi’, the Bulgul Rangers’ new boat

Date: Dec 14, 2021

Publication Type: Blog

Subject: Newspaper

THE Bulgul Rangers launched their Healthy Country Plan and their new boat on October 27.

Marion Scrymgour, Joy Cardona, Marjorie and Rosemary Morgan and Joe Martin-Jard catch up at the Bulgul Ranger Base.

Bulgul Ranger Coordinator Timothy BurrBurr.

A crowd of about 50 locals and visitors gathered at the Bulgul Ranger Base, which is on the Wadjigan and Kiuk Traditional Lands.

NLC CEO Joe Martin-Jard said it was great to get an update on the activities of the Bulgul Land & Sea Rangers.

“It was good to hear the challenges, because we can turn them into opportunities, get more funding, more jobs, more resources for rangers,” he said.

“Rangers are probably one the best things that the NLC and the CLC does. You’re not only doing the work for your own families, your own people and country, but you’re doing it for Australians.”

Bulgul Ranger Theresa BurrBurr cooking up beef stew for lunch.

“I’ve read the plan ‘Looking after Wadjigan and Kiuk Country 2021-2031’, you’ve done an awesome job, and we’ll be backing you guys in to follow that plan.”

Bulgul Ranger Coordinator Timothy BurrBurr said Nindi will be a vital tool in helping the Bulgul Rangers look after

their sea country and he explained to the crowd how the boat got its name.

“I’ve always thought I wanted to play homage to my grandfather who was travelling through this country when I was a kid. I’m 42 now, so it wasn’t that long ago,” he said.

“They were still travelling in a canoe. They used to travel all through this area right up to Darwin in a canoe, and that canoe was named Nindi. I think it’s a good omen for us, we’ll get protected and stuff like that, which is what the dances will do for us before we put it out on the water. That canoe took my family all through this country and I’m proud of it.

Nindi will do us well, especially with our compliance, it’s a boat to be proud of and it will stand out and put us on the map as well. A lot of people fish in this area, and the presence we’ll have out there will give us an opportunity for education and to build those relationships with other people that come out and fish and enjoy this country.”