Proof of COVID-19 vaccination required for NLC permits from 12 November 2021

Date: Nov 10, 2021

Publication Type: Media Releases

Subject: Coronavirus

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In accordance with the NT Chief Health Officer’s Direction No 55 of 13 October 2021, from 12 November 2021 the NLC will require its staff, and all workers on Aboriginal land, to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Consistent with the wishes of traditional Aboriginal owners and to better protect people living on Aboriginal land, the NLC will require all permit holders to show evidence of vaccination. This includes holders of Work permits in accordance with CHO Direction No 55 as well as holders of Transit, Visitor, Residential and Recreation Permits.

CHO Direction No 55 has two critical dates:

1 – by 13 November 2021 workers must have received their first COVID-19 vaccine dose or they will not be able to attend their workplace; and

2 - by 25 December 2021 workers must have received their second COVID-19 vaccine dose or they will not be able to attend their workplace.

The NLC has responsibility for the issue of permits to enter and remain on Aboriginal land in the Top End of the Northern Territory. There are around 8,000 permits currently issued to a wide variety of workers, residents and visitors to Aboriginal land, including schoolteachers, truck drivers, medical staff, media workers, contractors, miners, tour operators, tourists, community residents and their visitors.

The following information is for new permit applicants and existing permit holders.

New permit applicants

From 12 November 2021, all persons who wish to enter and remain on Aboriginal land must provide evidence of their COVID-19 vaccination status as part of the NLC’s permit application process. This will usually be done by uploading their COVID-19 Digital Certificate to the NLC permit system.

Existing permit holders

By 25 December 2021, all persons holding permits for 2022 must supply proof of vaccination by uploading their COVID-19 digital certificate to the NLC permit system. 

It is important to note in both cases – new permit applicants and existing permit holders for 2022 – that it is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that their COVID-19 Safety Plan has been updated to incorporate the CHO Direction No. 55 and be able to provide evidence that their workforce is fully vaccinated as soon as practicable.

The NLC has undertaken a privacy assessment on the personal data that it collects and will only use and disclose personal information for the purpose of issuing permits for people to enter and remain on Aboriginal land. For further information, please refer to the NLC Permit Privacy Policy available at .


What this means for applicants?

  • All applicants will be required to upload their COVID-19 Digital Certificate as soon as possible.

What will the NLC will do with the applicants’ COVID-19 Digital Certificate?

  • The NLC appreciates that each COVID-19 Digital Certificate contains personal medical information of a private and sensitive nature.
  • In order to maintain the applicant’s privacy, only NLC Permit Officers will have access to an applicant’s COVID-19 Digital Certificate for the purpose of issuing a permit.
  • NLC Permit Officers will verify each COVID-19 Digital Certificate.
  • Once verified, the COVID-19 Digital Certificate will be deleted.

For further information or to apply for a permit visit or contact your NLC Regional Office.

* See COVID-19 Directions (No. 55) 2021: Directions for mandatory vaccination of workers to attend the workplace: