'Shameless disregard’: The NLC slams safari hunters

Date: Nov 4, 2020

Publication Type: Blog

Subject: Permits

THE NLC has urged anyone who is on Aboriginal land without a permit to leave.

In November, the NLC slammed reports of safari hunters leaving buffalo carcasses to rot in the Mount Catt area of central Arnhem Land, urging anyone without a valid permit to leave.

Pictures provided by local rangers show alleged illegal hunting of buffalo, which Northern Land Council chairman Samuel Bush-Blanasi said was done without a permit.

“This shameless disregard for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal law has got to stop and stop right now,” he said.

“Not only did those hunters enter Aboriginal land without a proper permit or section 19 licence to muster buffalo from the NLC, but they also disrespected and ignored the clear instructions to leave his country from a senior traditional owner for that country.”

“They drove onto sacred sites, shot and beheaded valuable trophy buffalo and left their carcasses to rot.”

Mimal Land management said four poachers hunting buffalo around the Mount Catt outstation was just the most recent example of an increase in “brazen hunting and theft of stock and entry of sacred sites.”

The NLC has vowed to investigate and work with NT Police to prosecute offenders and increase penalties.

“If you are on Aboriginal land without a valid permit or a section 19 lease or licence issued by the NLC you should leave, and leave now,” NLC chief executive Marion Scrymgour said. 

“We are working with the other NT Land Councils to get increased penalties and an expanded range of offences under the Land Rights Act.”