Sign Up to Stand Up! Enrol to vote and then vote

Date: Apr 14, 2022

Publication Type: Blog

Subject: Newspaper

The NLC has made a series of short videos that encourage our mob to enrol to vote in the upcoming federal election. Check them out on the NLC's Facebook page and on NLC TV on YouTube.

SEVERAL influential Aboriginal Territorians have been busy encouraging our mob to sign up to the electoral roll. These people include broadcaster Charlie King OAM, APONT Network Coordinator Theresa Roe, outback icon Constantina Bush and NLC Chairman Samuel Bush-Blanasi. 

In the short films that can be seen on NLC TV on YouTube and on the NLC's Facebook page the presenters say: “Not enough Aboriginal people in the NT are enrolled to vote and with an Australian election coming up soon, now is the time to sign up, stand up, enrol to vote and have your say." 

Outback icon Constantina Bush is one of several influential Territorians who encourage our mob to sign up, stand up and vote!

"More than 24,000 of our mob aren’t enrolled. We think the real number might be much higher – maybe around 40,000 - but no one knows for sure,” they say in the short films.

“That means almost half of Aboriginal people who could vote can’t vote. Why? Because they might not be on the official list, called the electoral roll. What can we do about it? We can all sign up to stand up! and enrol to vote and then make sure we vote on election day.

"Does enrolling matter? It does matter! If you don’t sign up – if you don’t enrol to vote – then the government won’t hear your voice. So sign up to stand up for your community, your homeland and your family."

The NLC will continue to campaign for this issue leading up to the federal election.