The Living Room visits Mary River

Date: Nov 02, 2017

Publication Type: News

Subject: Caring for Country

On Tuesday the 16th of May, William Goodman, pre-recorded a bush tucker segment for the Living Room Show, with celebrity chef Miguel Mestre, which was aired nationally on Channel 10 in September.

The Traditional Owners of Mary River National Park do regular cultural tours at Mary River Wilderness Retreat on the Arnhem Highway. The Living Room film crew made enquiries through the Wilderness Retreat for a contact within the Traditional Owner group for a bush tucker guide to assist Migel in his mission to expand his cuisine with a bush tucker taste, so that is how this opportunity came up.  

The majority of the episode was focused on the Mary River wetlands and gave a great introduction to the things to see in the area and showed some very large crocodiles and a diverse range of birds.

William was the bush tucker guide for Miguel who had come to the Territory on this occasion to cook up a Buffalo stir fry with the Kakadu Plum, Terminalia ferdinandiana. William met with Migel a nd gave him a taste of the water lily Nymphaea violacea and then Green Tree ants, to add some zest to his palate. William and Miguel then went and collected a few Kakadu plums to taste them fresh before Migel began cooking his stir fry using the commercial Kakadu plum jam available to flavour his dish. 

William and Miguel spent an interesting morning together sharing thoughts, ideas and memories about food, especially their favourite food and the differences in what and how they cook and eat. 

Watch the segment here: