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Environment must be protected during ERA shutdown

Posted: Fri, April 15, 2011

Northern Land Council Chief Executive Mr Kim Hill has called on mining giant Energy Resources Australia (ERA) to guarantee traditional owners that the environmental monitoring process will not suffer during the shutdown of its Ranger uranium mine near Jabiru.

ERA has suspended mining at the site until July, following wet season rains which have seen the
mine’s tailings dam filled to capacity.

“ERA’s decision to halt mining operations, combined with the company’s plummeting share price and
disastrous environmental record, will see it looking to cut costs wherever possible,” Mr Hill said.

“The world heritage-listed environment which surrounds the mine mustn’t suffer further as the
company looks to protect its bottom line.”

Mr Hill said there was more than 10 million litres of radioactive contaminated water sitting at the mine

“A CSIRO study estimated that 150,000 litres of water leaks into Kakadu National Park from the
Ranger mine – every day.”

He said the current situation at Ranger adds further weight to his persistent calls for an end to selfregulation
within the Northern Territory’s mining and resources sector.

“Mining companies have consistently shown they can’t be trusted to monitor themselves and the
government needs to step in and end this ridiculous situation immediately.”

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