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New edition of Land Rights News out now

Posted: Fri, February 14, 2014

THE January / February / March edition of Land Rights News-Northern Edition is out now.

Inside the new edition is a range of articles, reports and photos from across the seven regions of the NLC.

This particular edition carries some interesting news:

* The Federal Court in Melbourne endorses the Rio Gove agreement;
* A history of attacks on customary law;
* How ORIC failed in court to have legal sanctions imposed on small Aboriginal coorporations;
* An in-depth profile on our new CEO Joe Morrison;
* How the Northern and Central Land Councils played a key role on the Alice Springs-Darwin railway line;
* A report on the Ranger Conference at Mary River;
* A study that raises questions of home ownership in remote communities;
* A departing interview with former NLC Chairman Wali Wunungmurra.

On the lighter side:

* The NLC takes stock of a new fleet of vehicles;
* A new book detailing Mangarrayi country;
* East Journey back in the recording studio;
* Landcare and ranger groups win awards.

And in sport:

* Our very own Jake Neade all set for his second season in the AFL;
* Four youngsters return from an overseas tour with the AFL's Boomerangs program;
* The Gumatj Cavaliers place second at the Hottest 7s rugby union tournament.

Distribution of the paper to the regions and subscribers is currently underway.

To get a hold of a copy, or copies, call (08) 8920 5209 or contact media@nlc.org.au and we'll arrange to get them to your door.