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Meeting hailed a success

Posted: Wed, December 18, 2013

The Executive members of the Northern and Central Land Councils in Alice Springs last week.

A JOINT meeting between the Executive members of the Northern and Central Land Councils in December has been hailed as a great success by both organisations.

The meeting began with a tour of the CLC’s headquarters in Alice Springs.

Several key topics were discussed over the course of the week, and on the final day the land councils issue a joint statement in support of the AAPA Board.

“We were very happy with the way the meeting went,” NLC Chairman, Samuel Bush-Blanasi, said.

“To get together and discuss key issues that affect us and our constituents is important, and to show our full support for the AAPA Board was just as important.”

CLC Chairman, Maurie Ryan, said he hoped these meetings would become a regular event.

“These meetings should be ongoing,” Mr Ryan said.

“We are the same, the only thing that separates us is distance.

“We’re statutory bodies under the Minister for Indigenous Affairs (Nigel Scullion) and the Prime Minister’s office, so we must make time to discuss issues that affect us all and to represent the First Nations constituents of the land councils.”

Land Councils to meet again
THE next meeting of Northern Territory land councils will likely be held early in the new year.

The historic meeting between the Northern and Central Land Councils’ Executives in Alice Springs last week was the first in a long time between the organisations.

The next meeting is sure to include the Anindilyakwa and Tiwi Island Land Councils, who couldn’t make the meeting in Alice Springs.

The collaboration between the councils in December saw the two key organisations join forces to show a united front in their support for the AAPA Board.

In time, key issues relating to land and sea management will require further collaboration by each of the four NT land councils.