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Mumbin ousted from Jawoyn Association

Posted: Mon, October 10, 2011

Long-serving Chairperson Lisa Mumbin has been kicked out of the Jawoyn Association

LONG-SERVING Jawoyn Association member Lisa Mumbin said her decision to not support a proposal for a new land council in the Top End of the Northern Territory led to her being kicked out of the Association

Ms Mumbin, who served as a Jawoyn Association member for 26 years and served 11 years as Chairperson, had her membership cancelled after a meeting of the Jawoyn Association at Beswick recently.

“Maybe it was because I, like many other members of the Jawoyn Association and Aboriginal people across the Katherine region, can see that the Jawoyn Association has lost its way,” Ms Mumbin said.

“We have been asking the hard questions, the questions that need to be asked.”

Ms Mumbin was voted out of the association for alleged “misbehaviour”.

She said she was given no information detailing her alleged “misbehaviour” in the lead-up to the Beswick meeting.

“Not only did the Jawoyn Association refust to provide me with any details of my alleged misbehaviour, but the members they were asking to throw me out had no prior information about what I am supposed to have done either.

“What did I do wrong – I have no idea.”

Ms Mumbin said her removal from the Jawoyn Association membership was “heartbreaking”.

“I do not deserve this and I would never, during the almost 12 years I served as Chairperson, have allowed this to happen.

“This meeting was nothing more than a ‘Kangaroo Court’, where the decision to kick me out had been made in advance and regardless of what I had to say in my own defence.”

Ms Mumbin said she would continue to lobby for change within the Jawoyn Association leadership.

“Many Jawoyn people have many real problems about the current administration of the association,” she said.

“We need to fix these problems - not by kicking out the messenger that carries the uncomfortable truth – but by sitting down and working through our problems the way proud Jawoyn people have always done.”