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Mumbin to lead women

Posted: Mon, January 30, 2012

Jawoyn traditional owner Lisa Mumbin has been appointed chairperson of the NLC’s Women’s Committee

JAWOYN traditional owner Lisa Mumbin has been appointed chairperson of the Northern Land Council’s Women’s Committee. A resident of the Kalano Communitycommunity on the outskirts of Katherine, Ms Mumbin was elected unanimously by female members of the NLC’s Full Council during a week long meeting at Crab Claw Island late last year.

For those who know Ms Mumbin, the appointment would come as no surprise. She’s a respected leader in both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal circles and admits she has a strong passion when it comes to matters relating to women.
“It’s an area where I feel I can contribute the most and not only that, not just contributing, but also encouraging more women to take up a leadership role,” Ms Mumbin said.
“I like many (Women have played) play an important role in our communities and in our families’ lives and as we take a step further with our leadership role, our voices we feel is so important.the community. We are the backbones of our families.”
Ms Mumbin, a mother of five children, said she was honoured to be voted into the role and would relish the opportunities and challenges that would come with it.
Northern Land Council Chairman Wali Wunungmurra was full of praise for Ms Mumbin and congratulated her on the appointment.
“Lisa Mumbin is a natural leader - when she speaks, people listen. She is a woman of integrity and I’m sure in her new role she will make a considerable contribution to the Northern Land Council and be a strong advocate for Aboriginal women across our regions.”
The position of chairperson became vacant following the passing of former Muckaty Full Council member Kumunjayi Napurrula Lauder-Dixon in August.
Ms Mumbin’s appointment adds to the extensive number of positions of influence she already holds, including president of Kalano Community Association, Board Member of the Wurli Wurlijang Health Centre, deputy chairperson of the Child Protection Board and member of both the Northern Territory Government’s Indigenous Affairs Advisory and the Cultural Precinct Centre in Katherine.
Ms Mumbin cites the strong example from her elders as her inspiration.
In October Ms Mumbin was sensationally kicked out of the Jawoyn Association of which she was a member for 26 years, including almost 12 years as chairperson, but her strong leadership continues.