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Chairman pays tribute to Malcolm Fraser

Posted: Fri, March 27, 2015

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser with Yolgnu leader Mandawuy Yunupingu

ON the occasion of the State funeral service for former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser in Melbourne today, Northern Land Council Chairman, Mr Samuel Bush-Blanasi, has paid tribute.

Mr Bush-Blanasi said Mr Fraser, who died last week after a short illness, aged 84, was a great friend of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory.

"Mr Fraser championed the Northern Territory Aboriginal Land Rights Act which had been drafted under the previous Labor government," Mr Bush-Blanasi said.

"The Land Rights Act was passed in 1976, in the first year of Mr Fraser's government.

"It was a bold step by a new Liberal government, and Mr Fraser pushed it through against strong opposition from the Country Liberal Party in the Northern Territory.

"Aboriginal people will forever be grateful to Mr Fraser for holding out against that opposition.

"We also recognise that Mr Fraser was a great advocate for the human rights of all peoples."