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NLC seeks CLP clarification

Posted: Wed, June 06, 2012

Northern Land Council Chief Executive Mr Kim Hill has called for a clarification of the Country Liberal Party’s position regarding the Blue Mud Bay High Court Decision of 2008 following comments by the deputy opposition leader Kezia Purick this week.

Less than a week after CLP leader Terry Mills visited the NLC’s Full Council meeting and told members his party accepts the High Court’s decision, Ms Purick has told the media the CLP would lobby the Commonwealth for legislative change if it won the August Territory election.

“Last week Mr Mills was telling our members he accepts and respects the High Court’s decision and that he was keen to work with traditional owners on how best to execute the practical elements of the decision,” Mr Hill said.

"Now Ms Purick is saying the party will fight the decision if the CLP win’s government in August. Has the party’s position changed since last Wednesday? Or are there two very different schools of thought within the Country Liberal Party? This needs to be clarified.”

Mr Hill said traditional owners deserved to know the truth.

For a PDF version of the media release, click here.