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Sherwin Iron ships first iron ore sample

Posted: Mon, October 14, 2013

Traditional Owners at Darwin Port with Sherwin Iron.

NORTHERN Land Council chairman, Wali Wunungmurra, has hailed the first shipment of iron ore by Sherwin Iron as a beneficial outcome for local Indigenous people.

Sherwin Iron has loaded a bulk sample of iron ore, extracted from its Gum Creek project site, on a ship bound for China.

The ore recovered is pursuant to a bulk sample, i.e. a test run, authorised by the NT Government. The bulk sample operation is covered by an agreement between Sherwin Iron and the NLC.

Traditional Owners who attended Darwin Port speak for the Gum Creek mine site, which is located just off the Roper Highway, approximately 25km from the community of Urapunga.

“Traditional Owners and Sherwin Iron working together benefits us long-term,” Mr Wunungmurra said.

“This partnership looks to provide jobs and generate further employment opportunities for Indigenous people. Everyone seems to be working together and in this they have our full support.”

The first shipment, loaded at Darwin Port on Tuesday, 8 October, shows that there are significant iron ore deposits in the Roper region, including the resources being developed by Sherwin Iron and Western Desert Resources, and significant employment opportunities for Traditional Owners and their communities.

In November last year, representatives from Sherwin Iron attended the NLC’s Full Council Meeting where Full Council resolved to enter into agreements with Sherwin Iron to cover the two sites identified for future mining, one on land subject to native title claims and the other on Aboriginal land.