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Statement on housing in Elliott

Posted: Mon, February 16, 2015

IGNORED: The housing crisis, such as that at Wilyuku.

THE Northern Land Council has called on the Northern Territory and Federal governments to work together to fix the housing crisis at Elliott.

CEO Joe Morrison said both governments are well aware of the desperate need to build new housing stock in the town, but neither seems prepared to take responsibility.

“They both need to stop trying to shift responsibility and put some real money into building new houses at Elliott and repairing those that are worth keeping,” Mr Morrison said.

“Overcrowding is desperate, and much of the housing stock is so run down as to be hazardous.

“This town has been completely forgotten, and hundreds of residents are having to live in slum conditions.

“Elliott missed out on the housing which came with the Intervention, and bureaucracies seem unable to fit the place into any program.

“Last week, the Northern Territory’s Department of Community Services told a community meeting at Elliott they would look for money for a scoping study so that the housing needs of Elliott can be measured, and I call on the government to honour that commitment as a first step towards fixing this crisis.”