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Traditional owners say “yes” to cycling tour - but on new route

Posted: Thu, July 28, 2011

Northern Land Council Chief Executive Officer Mr Kim Hill says the NLC’s decision not to allow a cycling tour to travel through Aboriginal land between Jabiru and Ramingining was based on the wishes of traditional owners of the area.

Mr Hill said during recent consultations between NLC staff and traditional owners, concerns were
raised over the safety of the Top Track between Jabiru and Ramingining, which has been seriously
damaged during the record wet season.

“Traditional owners don’t want people cycling along and camping along this road and that’s their
right,” he said.

“Large sections of this road have been washed away and it’s not safe for such an event, which also
involves support vehicles towing trailers.”

Mr Hill said “sorry business” was also underway in the area, following a recent road crash which
claimed the lives of two young children.

“The organisers of the Tour de Arnhem Land say they submitted their permit application six months
ago, but traditional owners along the Top Track have never granted approval.

“No-one could have predicted such widespread damage to roads over the wet season or the ‘sorry
business’ which is ongoing in the area.

“I urge the organisers of the Tour de Arnhem Land to abide with the wishes of traditional owners by
holding their event on the Central Arnhem Highway.

“The event aims to raise money for charity and I wish all those involved an enjoyable tour.

“I am also satisfied that NLC staff have made every endeavour to ensure this is a safe and successful

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