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Upper Finniss River update

Posted: Fri, April 05, 2013

Upper Finniss River

THE Northern Land Council and Traditional Owners of the Top End have, and are continuing, to engage in good-faith negotiations with the Northern Territory Government (NTG) over fishing and access in waters overlying Aboriginal land with high-effort commercial, tourism and recreational fishing areas being the initial priority.

Following extensive negotiations, Traditional Owners for part of the Finniss River have decided not to enter into an agreement with the NTG for permit-free fishing and access to the upper portion of the Finniss River within the Delissaville, Wagait, Larrakia Aboriginal Land Trust.

The area affected begins approximately 13.5 kilometres (by river) upstream from the mouth of the Finniss River. The approximate GPS reading on the northern side of the river is 12.903S and 130.410E, and 12.904S and 130.410E on the southern side.

Areas of the Finniss River from the mouth to the above GPS points remain open under the interim access regime extended by the Full Council of the NLC to 30 June 2013.

Negotiations for an agreement are continuing with the relevant Traditional Owners for the downstream part of the Finniss River.

The NLC and Traditional Owners will continue to work with the NTG to ensure that recreational fishers are adequately notified of this decision and that educational material and signage relevant to the area is erected.