Parks Joint Management

The Northern Land Council has statutory responsibilities to protect the interests of traditional owners within its region, in particular the conservation of land and sea.

Garig Gunak Barlu National Park Board Members, August 2017: Nathan Fejo (proxy for Ronald LamiLami), Solomon Cooper, Alan Withers (Senior Ranger), John Williams, Robert Cunningham and Jenny Petursson (ranger)

Many of the Northern Territory’s most popular National Parks are owned by Aboriginal people and leased to either the Commonwealth or Northern Territory Government.

The NLC is focused on assisting traditional owners to:

  • Engage more effectively with the Parks and Wildlife Commission NT and Parks Australia by providing third party technical advice and advocacy.
  • Make informed decisions relating to natural and cultural resource use and management.
  • Assess the social, cultural, environmental and economic implications of legislation and proposals affecting parks and reserves.
  • Protect and enhance traditional law and cultural practices.
  • Pursue employment and business development opportunities.
  • Manage and resolve disputes.
  • Carry out statutory requirements of ALRA and Native Title under joint management.

The NLC currently assists Traditional Owners with the joint management of the following national parks:

  • Kakadu National Park
  • Garig Gunak Barlu (Cobourg) National Park
  • Mary River National Park
  • Adelaide River Reserves
  • Giwining / Flora River Nature Park
  • Judbarra/ Gregory National Park
  • Tjuwaliyn Hot Springs Park
  • Baranyi/ North Island National Park

Joint management presents Aboriginal peoples with a range of opportunities, from potential employment and enterprise development, to increased involvement in natural resource management.