Monitoring and Evaluating Community Planning & Development

'Our strong community, our future'

NLC has been monitoring its Community Planning and Development (CP&D) Program since it started in 2016. The CP&D Program set up a monitoring and evaluation framework and implementation plan so that it could check its progress and outcomes from working with Aboriginal groups delivering community projects.

So far, the CP&D Program has published its first Monitoring Report 2016-December 2018. Findings in the report indicate overall satisfaction with NLC’s approach to development and some sense of increased Aboriginal control and group cohesion through the planning of community projects.

In 2019, the NLC started the Monitoring and Evaluation System (MES) Project. It is a three-year, government funded research project to develop a strong instrument to document, monitor and evaluate the work of the CP&D Program to ensure it meets community development values as defined by Aboriginal people. 

Monitoring helps to ensure that each community-led project is on track and achieving the goals set by Traditional Owners. Monitoring is also a way to recognise and celebrate achievements. 

The MES Project is trialling three monitoring approaches with Aboriginal groups who are already participating in the CP&D Program. These are:

  • Checking up to keep on track (looking at measures of success for social and wellbeing)   
  • Participatory monitoring (working with Traditional Owners to find good ways to tell the community development story)
  • Expanded community development process (based on the existing monitoring process used by the CP&D Program)

When completed by the end of 2022, NLC will have a best practice Monitoring and Evaluation System. And the system used will enable a meaningful process for Aboriginal people to judge the success and value of their development projects into the future. 

For more information, see the CP&D Monitoring and Evaluation System Project information sheet and the CP&D Monitoring Report 2016-December 2018.

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