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NLC Annual Report 2007/08

Published: October, 2011

This annual report reviews and reports our performance against what we set out to do in our (2006-2009) Corporate Plan, based on six key result areas:

Since 2007, the NLC has shared its perfrormance reporting framework with the other three NT Land Councils - the Central Land Council, Tiwi Land Council and Anindilyakwa Land Council, in order to assist Parliament and our stakeholders to benchmark performance in key areas.

Once again, the NLC has been under a high degree of scrutiny throughout the year. This report represents an opportunity for us to communicate the highlights and challenges of our year and assist stakeholders to gain insight into our work.

WARNING: While the Northern Land Council has made every effort to ensure this Annual Report does not contain material of a culturally sensitive nature, Aboriginal people should be aware that there are some references to deceased people.

FRONT COVER: Blue Mud Bay traditional owners celebrate their High Court win at GARMA Festival 2008.

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