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NLC Annual Report 2010/11

Published: April, 2012

The Northern Land Council Annual Report 2010-2011 provides a comprehensive account of the Council's performance from 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011.

The NLC's Strategic Plan 2007-2011 is the guiding document for this Annual Report. The Strategic Plan describes our key objectives and strategies. The NLC embarked on an ambitious program of actions during 2010-2011 aligned to our key strategic direction; enhanced social, political and economic participation and equity for Aboriginal people in the NLC's area as a result of the promotion, protection and advancement of their land rights other rights and interests.

The Annual Report provides an update on the highlights and achievements emanating from this strategic direction, and addresses the minor setbacks experienced throughout the year. It also identitifies the future directions and challeneges that lie ahead for the Northern Land Council.

The aim of the Annual Report is to inform our constituents, staff, stakeholders, Northern Territory residents, news media, government, and the wider community.

WARNING: While the Northern Land Council has made every effort to ensure this Annual Report does not contain material of a culturally sensitive nature, Aboriginal people should be aware that there are some references to deceased people.

FRONT COVER: Paul Gurruwiwi at Elcho Island. (Courtesy of Glenn Campbell)

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