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NLC Annual Report 2012/13

Published: June, 2014

The Northern Land Council Annual Report 2012-2013 provides a comprehensive account of the Council’s performance from 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013.

The Northern Land Council (NLC), along with the other Northern Territory (NT) land councils, has adopted a consistent approach to measuring and reporting on performance.

This reporting approach assists stakeholders to benchmark the NLC’s performance and to gain an understanding of the similarities and differences between the Land Councils.

The NLC is working to achieve enhanced social, political and economic participation and equity for Aboriginal people in its jurisdiction as a result of the promotion, protection and advancements of their land rights, other rights and interests.

Strategic Plan
The NLC engaged consultants OTS Management to undertake strategic planning workshops with the Full Council during 2011-2012. The Full Council provided direction to hold separate workshops with each of the seven Regional Councils; this resulted in an Executive Summary. The draft strategic plan now requires further editing and consultation with staff. It is anticipated that an updated version will be completed and presented to the new Full Council.

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