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NLC Annual Report 2013/14

Published: April, 2015

The Northern Land Council Annual Report 2013-2014 provides a comprehensive account of the Council’s performance from 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014.

The NLC continues to be guided by principles outlined in the 2007-11 Strategic Plan. The new Full Council, elected in November 2013, will continue to provide invaluable input to lead the organisation over their new three-year term.

The Strategic Plan describes our vision, key objectives and strategies and should be read in conjunction with the overarching legislation, the ALRA and NTA.

The NLC continues an ambitious program of actions aligned to key strategic directions: enhanced social, political and economic participation and equity for Aboriginal people in the NLC’s jurisdiction through the promotion, protection and advancements of their land and water rights, human rights and interests.

The Annual Report highlights achievements and identifies future directions and attempts to foresee challenges to minimise risks in achieving outcomes throughout the year.

As a Commonwealth Statutory Authority, the NLC submits this report to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs for tabling in the Australian Parliament. The report aims to inform local, national and Australian government policy, constituents, staff, stakeholders, students, news media and the wider community.

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If you have any questions about this report please contact the Research & Policy Officer: trish.rigby@nlc.org.au (+61 8) 8920 5111.

* The NLC Annual Report 2013/14 is downloadable via the link below:

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