Access to Aboriginal Land on the Cox Peninsula

After the settlement of the Kenbi land claim, and the handover of title deeds by the Prime Minister, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, at Mandorah on 21 June 2016, large areas of land on Cox Peninsula and nearby islands are now Aboriginal land.

Kenbi Open Area Declaration Map

Following negotiations between the Northern Land Council and the Northern Territory Government, new arrangements governing public access, under the Aboriginal Land Act (NT), are now in place.

Aboriginal land is privately owned land. It is not Crown land and it is not public land. Aboriginal land extends to the low tide mark in coastal areas (intertidal zone). You must obtain a permit to go on to Aboriginal land, including access to intertidal zones.

For the Kenbi Land Claim settlement, the NLC and the NT Government negotiated a compensation package with the Aboriginal land owners that allows permit-free access for people to visit beaches and to fish in the tidal waters of Cox Peninsula. However, there are some areas where access, including fishing, is prohibited and other areas where access and fishing is restricted. This information is displayed on the Kenbi Open Area Declaration Map (see below). Access to all other Aboriginal land requires a permit.

Beach access from the intertidal zone (where permitted) means that you can go ashore as far as the crest of the secondary sand dune, or if there is no secondary sand dune, you can go 50 metres beyond the inland boundary of the beach. Sacred sites are areas that are protected by law and you must not be within 100 metres of any sacred site. Some sacred sites have more restrictive access. Penalities do apply. It is your responsibility to know the location of sacred sites.

You do not need a permit to use the following roads and tracks in this area:

  • Cox Peninsula Road
  • Wagait Tower Road
  • Charles Point Road
  • Harney’s Beach Track off Charles Point Road
  • Talc Head Road to Mica Beach off Cox Peninsula Road
  • Pioneer Beach track off Bynoe Harbour Access Road
  • Rankin Point track off Bynoe Harbour Access Road
  • Keswick Point track off  Bynoe Harbour Access Road
  • Tower Beach Road to Masson Point
  • Raft Point track off Bynoe Harbour Access Road

All other roads and tracks on Aboriginal land require a permit.

Download High resolution Kenbi Open Area Map