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Northern Land Council

  • Speech: 8th Annual NT Major Projects Conference

    This conference addresses the projects, plans and opportunities that carry significant prospects for the economic expansion of the NT: the Territory’s vision for the future.

  • Pastoral Land Legislation Amendment Bill 2017

    The Northern Land Council has called on NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner to withdraw a bill introduced to Parliament yesterday which would enable the grant of subleases on pastoral leases for non-pastoral purposes.

  • Sea Country Access Arrangements in the NLC Region

    On 24 December 2016, the NLC issued a Public Notice, pursuant to section 5(8) of the Aboriginal Land Act that waives the requirement for a permit to enter tidal waters overlying Aboriginal land for a period of six months, until 30 June 2017. This has since been reissued and the requirement for a permit will now expire on the 31 December 2017.

  • Sea Country Rights in the Northern Territory

    On 30 July 2008 the High Court of Australia confirmed that traditional owners of the Blue Mud Bay region in north-east Arnhem Land, together with traditional owners of almost the entire Northern Territory coastline, have exclusive access rights to tidal waters overlying Aboriginal land.

  • Unhappy Anniversaries: What is there to celebrate? 8th Nugget Coombs Memorial Lecture

    This year marks two major anniversaries: 50 years since the Wave Hill walk-off and 40 years since the Australian Parliament passed the NT Aboriginal Land Rights Act. Next year will mark 10 years since the Commonwealth's NT Emergency Response - the Intervention. What benefits have government policies delivered to Indigenous peoples over those decades? How would Nugget Coombs rate the quality of advice and programs that have emanated from government bureaucracies, NGOS and powerful individuals, as they have applied to Indigenous affairs?

  • Speech by NLC CEO at Native Title ceremony at Borroloola

    Joe Morrison, CEO delivers a speech at a special sitting of the Federal Court at Borroloola on 11 August. At this sitting a “right to trade” was part of the successful native title claim by the Rrumburriya Borroloola people (the traditional owners of Borroloola and members of the wider Yanyuwa group. It’s the first time in the Northern Territory that a right to trade has been recognised in a native title claim. The court sat on the bank of the McArthur River, where Justice John Mansfield, who will retire from the Federal Court on August 24, handed certificates of title to the native title claimants.

  • Kenbi Land Claim: The Chairman of the NLC delivers a speech at the Handback Ceremony

    The Chairman of the NLC, Samuel Bush-Blanasi delivers a speech at the Kenbi Land Claim handback ceremony at Mandorah on June 21 2016

  • Native Title recognised at Borroloola

    THE Federal Court has determined that Aboriginal people in the Gulf country of the Northern Territory have native title rights over six pastoral leases which cover more than 15,000 square kilometres of coastal and inland country.

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