Land Rights News Northern Edition January 2014

Date: Jan 30, 2014

Publication Type: Land Rights News

Subject: Land Rights

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Land Rights News was first printed in 1976 and is Australia's longest-running Aboriginal newspaper, telling stories from remote Aboriginal lands from across the Northern Territory.

The newspaper has long been jointly produced by the Northern Land Council and Central Land Council but with so much happening within the regions of both organisations a decision was made for each Land Council to independently produce its own publications. This ensured that both Land Council media teams had the scope to report on the issues which directly affect the lives of Aboriginal peoples living in their respective regions. So now, the NLC produces Land Rights News-Northern Edition and the CLC produces Land Rights News-Central Australia*.

The Land Rights News-Northern Edition is printed quarterly - in January, April, July and October. Subscription enquiries should be directed to or (08) 8920 5114.

*For subscription inquiries for the CLC's Land Rights News-Central Australia, or phone (08) 8951 6215.