The Women’s Culture Walk 2018

Date: Jul 6, 2018

Subject: Caring for Country

Thirty women from Numbulwar took part in the Women’s Culture Walk from 25-29 June 2018, traversing 40km of coast in the South East Arnhem Land Indigenous Protected Area.

Starting at the Miwul Outstation, the women spent three days hiking north to Dharni Outstation. The 21 younger women (aged 16 to 65) walked the distance while the older ladies were driven along the coast in a troopy. They were supported by the Numbulwar Numburindi Rangers and the Yugul Mangi Rangers.

The walk was an opportunity for the young women to learn the country and hear stories from Traditional Owners. They gathered turtle eggs and oysters from the beach as they went, and afternoons were spent fishing and catching crabs.

In the evenings, the women gathered around campfires, listening to the old ladies telling stories and cooking the crabs and fish they had caught that day. 

The young women were excited to be visiting places they had heard stories about, and the old ladies were happy to be back on their country, eating bush tucker and teaching the young women.

A wonderful experience for all!