Galiwin’ku school playground officially opened

Date: Mar 3, 2021

Publication Type: Blog

Subject: Community Planning & Development

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Galiwin’ku Traditional Owners, school leaders and student representatives celebrated the official opening of a new playground at Shepherdson College on 20 November 2020.

At the opening celebration there was bunggul to reveal a plaque.

The playground is a colourful jungle of rope challenges, swinging bridges, monkey bars and double slides.

The funds for the playground were provided by the Traditional Owners and the Shepherdson College School Council.

Following COVID-19 shut downs last year, the children came back to school and the playground was ready for them to play on.

It is really “manymak for djamarrkuli” said one Traditional Owner.

At the opening celebration there was bunggul to reveal a plaque, which acknowledges the great contribution of Traditional Owners and the school to their community.

"This is a very very important memorial" - Richard Ghanduwuy

Traditional Owners worked alongside NLC’s Community Planning and Development team to plan and implement the playground project.

This project meets this group’s main focus, which is supporting children and youth in their community.

Traditional Owner Geoffrey Gurawunuwuy said he is happy with the outcome.

“That’s number one, that’s what we want,” he said.

The school playground is just one of nine projects the Traditional Owner group has funded to support their young people to grow up strong and healthy in both Balanda and Yolngu worlds.