NLC thanks NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner for his service

Date: May 11, 2022

Publication Type: Media Releases

Subject: Business

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Following his budget speech yesterday and news of his resignation, the NLC takes this opportunity to pay gratitude to the NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner for his service to the NT and Aboriginal Territorians in particular.

NLC chair Samuel Bush-Blanasi and NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner at Timber Creek in August 2020.

NLC Chair Samuel Bush-Blanasi said he has enjoyed working closely with Mr Gunner to strengthen the relationship between Aboriginal Territorians and government.

“Over his almost six years as Chief Minister, Michael attended many NLC Full Council meetings, most recently at Banatjarl near Katherine last July. I thank him for the time he has taken out of his schedule to attend NLC meetings and to listen to Traditional Owners. He’s always shown our mob respect.”

Mr Bush-Blanasi said during the Covid pandemic he was in regular contact with Mr Gunner, discussing steps to be taken to ensure Aboriginal Territorians were kept safe.

“Perhaps it was during the Covid pandemic that we worked the most closely together. Michael made himself available for one-on-one meetings and also arranged for the NT Chief Medical Officer to speak to directly to me and senior staff at NLC.

“In recent months we have met many times to discuss economic opportunities for our mob – business on country, jobs on country. I want to especially thank Michael for his hard work on progressing the Blue Mud Bay settlement.”

As a family man himself, Mr Bush-Blanasi said he admires Mr Gunner’s decision to take the time now to focus on his toddler and new-born.

“Nothing is more important to Aboriginal Territorians than family. We all live our future through our children and it is to our young ones that we owe our greatest responsibilities. I applaud Michael for his courage to put his family first.”