Treaty Reboot Welcomed

Date: Jan 23, 2024

Publication Type: Media Releases

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The NLC welcomes the recommencement of the Northern Territory Treaty process.

The NLC is very pleased to see that a Treaty with Aboriginal people is back on the top of the Northern Territory Government (NTG) agenda.

Our Council and constituents across the Top End have been eager to see this process move forward since it first began six years ago.

The NTG’s announcement that it will revive the Treaty Working Group with the Land Councils and the community, as well as hold symposiums in Darwin and Alice Springs in April, are key steps on a concrete path to achieving Treaty.

Quotes attributable to Northern Land Council Chief Executive Officer, Joe Martin-Jard:

  • Treaty-making is a long and complex undertaking but it will provide benefit for all Territorians.
  • It is vital that something as crucial and abiding as a Territory Treaty is not rushed through nor hijacked for parties’ short-term politics.
  • The NLC will support comprehensive engagement with Aboriginal people as we learn more about the government’s plans.